Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stay Classy David Stern

After posting how the NBA is the worst league of all the pro sports, their commissioner, David Stern, has provided more evidence to this claim. 

On Wednesday, Stern was a guest on the Jim Rome Show.  Jim Rome is known for being one of the few media personalities that will actually refrain from asking the softball questions in favor of asking some of the tougher variety.  Rome had asked Stern if the fix was in for the NBA Draft Lottery in which New Orleans (currently owned by the NBA) was awarded the #1 pick.  Stern of course denied it and then got defensive calling the question "ridiculous."  When Rome countered that he did  not think it was Stern then let his anger get the best of him asking Rome: "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"  Jim Rome does not have a history of domestic violence.  It was obvious the comment was to prove a point.  Nonetheless it was underhanded, bush league, and classless.  He also went on to accuse Rome of making a career out of "cheap tricks" amongst other verbal attacks before taking his ball and going home (hanging up).  Basically acted like a whiny child.  Similar to his players.

First, when looking at the lack of class in the NBA amongst its players, well it all starts at the top apparently.  How can you ask the subordinates to act one way when your boss acts another publicly?  In any business?  The inmates clearly run the asylum in "The Association" and the man at the top is not actively promoting classiness with acts such as these.  To some extent, how can you blame the players for acting like overpaid prima donnas?  Their boss promotes such behavior in public.

Second, you are the commissioner of one of the biggest sports leagues in the world.  Show some professionalism.  Jim Rome was doing just that by trying to do his job and do it well.  If you can't handle that then why go on the show?  Better yet, go find a new job working at The Gap where your actions are not publicly scrutinized if you are that thin-skinned.  It would be one thing if they were at a local watering hole tossing back a couple pops and got in a debate, but to act like that on national radio?  That's a bad look.  Especially for someone in a position such as his.

Third, when do people get the most defensive?  When they are caught lying, cheating, etc.  Could it be that he acted so poorly because someone had the stones to call him out out on what everybody is thinking?  Did he feel like his "secret" is out?  David, if you are trying to make us believe your league is not entirely based on favoritism (on and off the court) and is not a complete circus, you may want to act a little more smooth when members of the media question you on some of the fishy events that seem to constantly occur on your watch.  At least act like a professional.

I give credit to Jim Rome for asking a question that needed to be asked.  Everybody was thinking it.  He had the guts to ask it.  As for David Stern, you stay classy along with your league.


  1. As well written as this blog is, you still forgot how much I despise you for evengiving them the time of day. I do appreciate knowing that this happened because I had no idea prior. And yess ass clowns normally start at the bottom and the longer you are around them they get all the way to the top. Most NBA players are large turds any ways, stern is a dingle berry and that league needs to be flushed down the toliet!

  2. HAHAHAHA. Yeah the Tigers being awful and thus me sick of complaining about them has forced me to post about the NBA.

  3. NIce commentary on the No Brains Association...and their fearless, clueless leader!!!

  4. Thanks! It was a bad look on his part and a further indictment on his league.