Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vomit at Wrigley

No geeky stats needed here.

Yes, there was the bad call at second in the 8th. Who cares? The Tigers played the worst team in MLB (statistically) and faced a pitcher with an ERA above 5. No excuses.

Eyeball test showed when push comes to shove, the Tigers are the worst team in the league. By eyeball test I mean I paid my $60 tickets and $7 beers and saw the worst team in baseball wearing the Old English D.

Tigers hitters until their 6th inning rally were lifeless looking like they were facing Roger Clemens with the HGH syringe still sticking in his right butt cheek. Batter after batter struck out or hit popcorn to the Cubs' fielders awarding them an extra day of practice. In an opportunity and matchup ripe for them to get on a roll they did what they have done all year. Fail.

Wrigley Field had a huge showing of Tigers fans whose cheers drowned out those of the Cubs most of the game. We may have even been the majority. After the 8th inning, the fan base with nothing to cheer for all season punked the majority. Thank you, Tigers, myself and the other Tigers' fans in attendance experienced a new low. We were laughed at...BY CUBS' FANS!!

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