Friday, May 25, 2012

Another Hasek Comeback? To the Wings?

How about an interesting hockey rumor to get our minds off of the Motor City Kittens eh?  Very well then.

A Czech sports website is reporting that future Hall of Fame goaltender, Dominik Hasek, is contemplating another comeback to the NHL at the age of 47.  It also goes on to say that the 2 teams on his list would be 2 of his former teams, the Buffalo Sabers and, you guessed it, the Detroit Red Wings.  There is also speculation that Ken Holland would have interest in bringing back the aging net minder to back up Jimmy Howard.  Again, this is just speculation at this point.  However, I am really hoping against all hope Kenny is not seriously considering this.  I love The Dominator as much as the next guy.  He was brilliant during the Wings historic 2002 Stanley Cup journey.  He out dueled the hated Patrick Roy.  He wowed us with incredible saves.  He is probably the best goalie the Red Wings have ever had besides Terry Sawchuk and one of the best goalies of all time.  I still chuckle when I think about his hilarious interviews.  He was fantastic as a Red Wing...5-10 years ago.  At this point, I'd rather keep Joey Mac to back up Howard.

If Ken Holland is seriously considering this I would not be the least bit surprised.  This is a trademark Holland move.  Bringing back an aging (very aging in this case) veteran and/or forming Red Wing in an effort to "make changes" to the team.  This is exactly the type of move myself and many Wings fans hope he does not make.  I have stated a million times I do not want many of the same faces back such as Hudler and Holmstrom let alone Hasek.  The man has not played since the '07-'08 season which is the same season he was benched in the 1st round of the playoffs in favor of Chris Osgood.  He couldn't get the job done 4 YEARS AGO!!  Heck, let's just get Maltby, Draper, and McCarty to come out of retirement along with Chelios and Yzerman while we're at it!  Can Gordie Howe still skate?

I may be overreacting because of the fact he would be brought in as a backup.  But it is the principality of the issue.  The Wings need new faces.  Young bodies.  The future of the team needs to be brought in.  Not players who once were superstars but now have their AARP cards.  Good Lord.

This off season is one of the most important the Wings have seen in a long time.  It could very well determine their success for the next 4-5 years.  It is obvious big changes are needed.  A move like bringing back Dominik Hasek could be the beginning of Holland bringing back the same team and/or more aging vets to "bolster" the lineup.  This would serve as an indication that he either has forgotten how to build a championship team, is not serious about building a championship team, enjoys golf more than Stanley Cup runs, or is just getting old like the players he brings in and is no longer fit to run the team.

Stay tuned and GO WINGS!!!

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