Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tigers Need to Shut Up & Play

If you haven't heard, the Tigers were swept in the 3-game series vs. the Indians and scored a whopping 6 runs.  Yep, 6 total runs.  Some quality baseball being played by the team with the 6th highest payroll in MLB.  In this series there was lack of hustle in the field and on the bases, bases loaded opportunities squandered, countless errors in the field and so on and so forth.  Barf.  That was not me typing it, that was me literally barfing as I thought about the way this team is performing.  They whined to the umps after called strikes/balls (very NBA-like) like premadonas.  They had been shown on TV yucking it up in the dugout while they are being embarrassed by a borderline AAA team (again NBA-like).  When interviewed, the players and Leyland are asked to address the same problems and are giving the same answers.  These sound familiar"

"We just have to put it behind us and get ready for the next one."

"We're gonna hit."

"We're a better team than we're showing."

Sounds a lot like the Red Wings when asked about their inconsistent play this previous season and their inability to win on the road.

The whining, the cookie cutter responses to the media, and the garbage level of play on display, etc. is beyond the point of cute.  My advice to the Tigers and Leyland:  SHUT UP AND PLAY!  Not only play, but PLAY LIKE YOU GIVE A DAMN!!  Run the bases hard.  Don't swing at strike 3 when the pitch is out of the zip code.  Play like you belong in the MLB.  The fans are paying good money on tickets, apparel, foam fingers, refreshments at the park, parking, etc.  They are not paying to watch this grab ass baseball.

Forget the stats.  The only one that matters is wins and losses and the win column is way too low.  The eyeball test tells you they are just waiting for things to magically change instead of busting their overpaid butts to make things happen...apathetic...all is well in Tigerland.

So the bottom line: Shut your mouths.  Do not whine to the umps.  Do not shake your heads after a call.  Do not take the laid back approach with the media and give cliche responses.  In fact, just don't say anything.  Let your play do the talking with the messege ;being that you are giving it 100%.  You may not be completely invested in the season but your fans are and your antics are a collective slap in the face!  Shut up and play and stop the whining.  You have nobody to blame but yourselves!


  1. Hit the ball, they don't even make good outs. At least move runners if you are going to get out. And am I the only one that notices any lead we has lasts all of about 1 inning? It's like as soon as we are ahead they go out and screw it up the next half inning. If I didn't know better you'd think they are being paid to throw games...

    Going to Florida Saturday for a long weekend, maybe I need a vacation from watching this crap.

  2. AK could not agree more and this, among countless other reasons, is why they are a ver tough watch right now.

    Enjoy Florida and forget about this team for few days.