Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Delany & Big 10 = Dinosaurs

Changes are coming to college football.  Supposedly, we will be seeing a 4-team playoff as soon as 2014. It's not perfect but it's better than the current BCS (emphasize the B and the S). The top 4 teams would play a semifinal and the winners square off for the national title. Many would like to see the semifinal games being played as home games at the deserving teams' stadiums. Guess who does not like the idea. Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany. Shocker. Just another example of how he continues to keep the B1G in the dark ages.

Delany is all about the Rose Bowl and would prefer the semifinal for the B1G be played there or at another bowl essentially giving away a home game. So what he is saying he would rather have one if his teams either go west to play a PAC-12 team or go south to play a SEC team...basically play a road game...every time...even if that B1G team is the #1 ranked team in the land! Ludicrous! The SEC is already dominating the sport, why not attempt to even the field a little?  And why not pour the millions of dollars into the Midwest for a change? 

I personally would love to see a Florida, Alabama, LSU, USC, Oklahoma, or Texas come to let's say the Big House, or Camp Randall, or The Shoe, or Spartan Stadium in December and see how they do on our turf. See how tough they are. Jim Delaney and the B1G's reluctance just shows that they are not serious about contending nationally with the big boys. They are content with the ultimate consolation prize: getting to the Rose Bowl. And it's sad because if you are a Wolverine fan or a Spartan fan, your commissioner is putting your team at a disadvantage and screwing you. The Rose Bowl and all of the bowls for that matter mean zilch. All that matters is who finishes #1. Obviously the fossils who run the B1G don't share that sentiment.

I am a UM fan and I am annoyed with Dave Brandon's comments regarding the bowls. He says they have the interests of the kids in mind and these trips to Florida, California, etc are what they want. Spare me. I highly doubt they would choose the gift bags and trips to Disney World over a championship. And I am talking about a real championship. Not a consolation prize like a Rose Bowl or Sugar bowl "championship.". A national championship. Sorry Wolverine and Spartan fans, Jim Delany and his group of dinosaurs in the B1G front office are going to make it tough. Instead we'll keep going down south or out west for these bowls if we are fortunate enough to be in the top 4 and continue to get stroked by the SEC or PAC-12 on their home turf on the biggest stage. As long as Delany calls the shots, the B1G will continue to be passed over by the other conferences in the public and on the field.

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