Friday, May 18, 2012

JV Still Gives Tigers Needed Boost

My Lord that was way, way too close!

Okay so maybe he should have thrown the heater and not the breaking ball. Whatever. What Justin Verlander did tonight was exactly what the Tigers needed. They needed a veteran of this team to step up and rise above the criticism. Rise above the bad performances. Show that this team is capable of big things. They needed...a leader.

Verlander pitched 9 innings in which he still hit 100 mph on the gun. He struck out 13 batters. He did not give up a run. He allowed 3 base runners. He got nasty. And he set an example. Exactly what this team needed.

I am disappointed he didn't finish the job so to speak. But a message was sent that the Tigers can grit their teeth and kick And it got through to the likes of Delmon Young who homered and had an RBI double to compliment Cabrera and Fielder's solid performances. And Verlander's tenacity was the catalyst. That, my friends, is how you win games, divisions, and championships. So let's hope the Tigers continue to follow Justin Verlander's lead. Plain and

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