Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I withheld any new posts in recent days in order to see how the Tigers responded to their short-lived 3-game winning streak last week.  I wanted to see if they would carry momentum to Boston or flounder.  Here fishy, fishy, fishy, as in FLOUNDER!  They have dropped the first 2 and the bats are dead and the fielding is atrocious again.  It has been one step forward but then two steps back.  Same ol' story.  Same crap, different toilet.  It is getting to the point when we may have to come to some realizations.

First, it is becoming painfully obvious the Tigers are not the offensive juggernaut we thought they were.  The runners stranded, the horrific batting averages, the consistent hockey scores, the strikeouts, etc., etc., etc., are daily proof.  There are 3 legit hitting threats on this team: Cabrera, Fielder, and Jackson.  That's it.  Last time I checked teams must bat 9 players every night.  Having only 33% of the lineup capable of providing offense is just not conducive to winning baseball. 

Weeks ago people thought when the weather warmed up the bats would too.  Lame excuse and apparently not a good one because it has been beyond warm.  The bats looked to be coming alive after the series sweep vs. the Twins.  Well there was no carry over and so far vs the Sox it's back to status quo.

Second, they cannot play defense.  Period.  The errors, the failure to turn countless double plays, the inability to get to balls, etc., is getting worse every game it seems.  They are statistically the worst fielding team in the majors.  We all new they would not be stalwart defenders but we thought they would be serviceable.  Well, they have been other teams.  Right now they are not getting the job done to say the least. 

Third, they are mentally weak.  It is very similar to the 2008 season.  That season, they were awarded the AL Central before spring training and were World Series favorites.  They finished last and were a complete failure.  Fast forward to 2012, they have been favorites since the January signing of Prince Fielder and so far they look like they are a middle-of-the-pack team in the weak AL Central.  It appears they cannot handle expectations.

The recent whining to umpires and their NBA-like antics also show they are mental midgets.  Take Monday for example.  The umps missed the much-talked about strike 3 call.  It led to a 3-run rally.  Fine.  Calls get missed in all sports.  It's a reality.  Instead of moving on, Leyland and Lamont get tossed and the team is unable to fight back to make a game out of it.  Weak sauce Tigers...weak sauce.  Show some resiliency for God's sake.  Some intestinal fortitude.  Man up.  Whatever the cliche dejour may be.  Just do something besides wilting.

Fourth, the team sorely misses Victor Martinez.  NOT, because of his so-called leadership.  Just stop that right now (along with the talk of the leadership of Guillen, Ordonez, and Inge).  They miss his .400 average with RISP.  It's that simple.  I would tend to believe if he was batting in the 5-hole behind Prince instead of the countless experiments Leyland tries there, there would be more runners coming home.  But it is not his leadership.  That excuse is almost as bad as the warm weather excuse. 

In conclusion, with a pedestrian offense, a lineup of mostly fringe MLB players, a defense that resembles a beer league softball team, a team of mental midgets, and a lack of a clutch hitter, not to mention 2 regulars at the beginning of the season (Inge and Raburn) have been sent packing, the Tigers are simply not a championship calibre team.  I am not sure how much more proof we all need.  They are just not that good.  We have to deal with it. Anyone who can can convince me otherwise please enlighten me.  With solid reason not homerism please. 

Hey, maybe a trade for a bat could turn things around.  It would need to be sooner than later.  They can't wait until the deadline.  But until then, this is our team and it is not one that will win anything of significance.  That includes winning the AL Central or earning any of the Wild Card spots.  They are a team with a lot of sizzle and no steak.

The positive:  The Wings off season should be one of the most exciting since the 2001-2002 season and both college and pro football are not that far away.  So enjoy the summer with these things in mind.  Stop stressing about the Tigers because it will just be a waste of your time and your summer.


  1. Forgot about Dirks solid hitting and the home runs which are always solo, other than that spot on, be prepared for a dreadful summer

  2. Yeah it's a flawed team...forget blaming Leyland, Dombrowski built this disaster.